ERA AGM Feb 16

Eldene Residents AGM – 24th Feb 2016

Present: Jo (Chair), Annmarie, Naomi, Kathleen (Horizons), Mike (Sec), Jim (Treasurer), Eileen, Mr Eileen, Fay, Lesley, Corinne, Jim

Apologies: Ian Vincent, Christine, Rob


Jo started the meeting.  Everyone went round and introduced themselves, Jo thanked Horizons for kicking off ERA.

Chair’s Report

  • 5-6 litter picks, including round Shaftesbury lake in conjunction with the Angling Society, and working with Morrisons.  We have developed a good relationship with them.
  • Tabletop sale went very well, thanks to Christine for driving the organisation.
  • Post Office discussions rumble on.
  • Hustings for the General Election.
  • Involvement in discussions for Eldene Beach development.
  • Local Police reports.
  • Carol singing (must take a charity bucket next time)
  • Parishing discussion.


  • Jim gave around his summary of the accounts thus far.  £229.20 in the bank.
  • V disappointing that the ERA banner has gone missing.
  • May need to spend money on a new leaflet drop.



  • Jo, Jim and Mike nominated (by Corinne) and seconded (by Jim B) to carry on.
  • Naomi and Corinne joined the Committee.


Eldene Beach


  • Children running straight over it into the road was a problem.
  • Sally (the Architect/Planner) has left the Council, there is a new person involved. Fay will push from the Council’s point of view, we can also get in touch.



  • Fay
  • Post Office stalling but tricky to get anywhere.
  • With Eldene Beach,  people are using the back road to park on by the Crumpled Horn.
  • Parishing.  Clerks get paid, so it would be an extra level of administration spend.  Next ERA meeting will focus on Parishing.  We can invite Talis who is a Parish Councillor in Wroughton, and ideally someone like Russell Holland who is the plan.  (30th March).
  • Children’s Centres are closing.
  • Libraries under threat.  We can get involved.  MD to write a letter from ERA – council meeting is 25th February.  Voluntary Action Swindon has also had their budget cut. We will circulate different projects.
  • Council meeting budget tomorrow will increase Council tax, mostly to care for older people
  • There is a scheme where a bus comes with IT people, to help those who are less IT-literate to save money by using IT.  Horizons are interested in hosting that bus.


  • Concerns about people walking down the slope towards the roundabout.  Will raise that with Morrisons Community manager.
  • Talis offered a bike fix kit (ask Morrisons).



  • Hustings for Europe referendum (June 23rd)
  • Local Elections on May 5th (Fay is up for election)
  • Litter pick on 12th March (Richard Jefferies), 16th April (meet far end Morrisons) 11am, 14th May (Eldene Beach)




January Minutes

ERA January minutes

Present: Jo (chair), Jim (treasurer), Jim, Anne-Marie, +2

Apologies: Mike (secretary), Christine (committee member)

1) Litter picking

a. The last litter pick went from Colingsmead play area up along Colingsmead and the car park, and then along the front of the community centre. We ended with tea, coffee and snacks at Morrisons – many thanks to Morrison’s community liaison officer!

b. The next litter pick is on Sat 13th Feb at 11am, starting from the Snodshill play area (‘Thorney Park’).

2) Eldene Centre landscaping

a. The steering group for this project has met several times over the last few months, and the next meeting is in early Feb. At this meeting, it is hoped that preliminary sketch designs will be considered.

b. Ideas for the area were discussed, including: children’s play area, water feature, cafe/kiosk, fixed exercise bikes, trim trail equipment.

c. It was agreed to invite the landscape designer to an ERA meeting when the design is at the consultation stage. It was also agreed that some kind of exhibition of the proposals would be suggested, perhaps in the Acorn building or the community centre, and that ERA would help to publicise this, possibly with notices in Morrisons, in the school, on a leaflet-drop, and on Facebook.

3) ERA annual general meeting

a. We are due an AGM and it was agreed to make our next meeting the AGM. This will be on Weds 24th Feb at 7.30 at the usual venue.

4) AOB

a. Heavy Goods Vehicles – an ERA member wrote to WTTL (the HGV driving instructors) and the DVSA querying the use of Eldene Drive. WTTL responded with a ban on further use of Eldene Drive for HGV instruction. The DVSA responded that although it had no direct powers, it would recommend to Driving Schools that they avoid using Eldene Drive.

b. Community Radio – it was suggested that Community Radio, currently operating out of Liden Library be used to help publicise ERA

Horizons at the Acorn



Wednesdays 10.00am-1.00pm

Come along and join us for free tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat. You can also participate in activities (chosen by residents) e.g. art, singing, knitting, learning to use the computer, walking and more. There is portrait drawing on the 1st Wednesday of the month and a “Carers Cuppa on the 3rd Wednesday.

What’s New


Pilates is a collection of precise controlled body movements that can improve flexibility, strength and muscle tone. It can also improve balance and posture as well as lowering stress levels. In addition it is useful in the treatment of backache and other muscle disorder

Free taster session on Wednesday 27 January 11.00-11.45 in our building

This session is mainly for people who are new to Pilates or have not exercised for a while. A qualified instructor will lead the class.

Lunches for Seniors

We are going to be working in partnership with Eldene Primary School to provide monthly lunches for people who live alone and would welcome a cooked meal and a chance to chat to other local people. The lunches will be on the2ndWednesday of the month. The 1st one will be on: Wednesday 10 February at 12.30 and will cost £4.

For information or to book a place for Pilates or the Lunches please or mob:07837830997

Warm Welcome Guaranteed

November ERA Minutes

ERA Minutes 25th November 2015

Present: Rob, Annmarie, Jo, Christine, Corinne, Jim, Mike, Chris

Apologies: Eileen, Fay

  • Review of last meeting
  • For the Shaftesbury big clean, a lot of the rubbish was around the fishing stations.
  • Plan for a January clear up, start at the Colingsmead play area
  • Saturday 9th January @ 11am, followed by a cup of tea and (hopefully!) sandwich at Morrisons (MD to email)
  • Monday 14th December at 6pm – sing song at Morrisons (MD to contact)
  • Flier for meetings, clean ups etc
  • Feb Litter Pick – 13th at same time, starting at Snodshill
  • March Litter Pick – 12th at Richard Jeffries
  • Last Wed of the month for these meetings

Eldene Centre.  Next meeting on 9th December for the steering group. They have demolished the Centre now.

Toilets at the Crumpled Horn?  Part of the next meeting of the landscaping group.

Gorse Hill Co-op has a Post Office till, which could easily be incorporated into Morrisons.  The new Co-op has one as well, which would be worth getting a picture of to show Morrisons.


WTTL are now using Eldene as a training route, as DSA/DVSA now have it on the testing route.  RL has phoned WTTL.  Cllr Heenan has had a weight limit put on Kingfisher Drive in Covingham, which might explain why the new route is being used. The road surface might also not be up to it.

Re: Parishes, there is going to be a Community Governance Review regarding parishing the town, and existing perishing changing their boundaries.  Stratton Parish Council (£100/year) is one of the largest parishes in the council, and they look after allotments, playgrounds, rubbish bins, sports centre, possibly library.  Others like Nythe (£30/year) just do grass cutting.

Swindon Special Rate pays for local services.

These parish councils seem to be being created to fill a hole in the finances.

Local councillors would end up as parish councillors for the first year legally, by default.

It does seem to get very political with Parish Councils, in summary.

October ERA Minutes

Christine, Fay,  and Rob Loss (Thorne road) present.
Updated them on Jim’s info re Eldene centre last meeting developments (as your info sent on)
Litter pick was great, glad to see other members of community, fishing group, Tae Q  group etc joining in.
We want to build on success of this and set dates for future picks.
  • It was suggested,we pick a play area to meet at each time for different locations and easy place for others to recognise
Also to try some Sundays, as well as Saturdays perhaps alternate a bit ….
Therefore next Litter pick to meet at Colingsmead, witches  hat play area Sun 6th Dec
Suggested next date either Sat 9th or Sun 10th Jan / New Year Clean Up
  • Re Morrisons, Rob raised a concern that customers walking,are entering and exiting the car park in the corner,cutting through nearest to Edison roundabout. A very bad place to cross Dorcan way, he isconcerned there could be an accident there one day. If Morrisons were to make more of a barrier or something ,it would deter people
Should this be raised with Morrisons?
  • Also as people walk across the zebra crossing from Morrisons back to Eldene they are walking in a straight line over a rough bit of grass,then onto adjoining broken paving at the beginnng of path alongside houses. Can see a definite path across the grass (when no leaves fallen).who could we ask ?
  • or can it come out of funding ? to make a proper path here, especially before the bad winter weather.?
  • Raised question ,what is happening to the old toilets in the Crumpled Horn car park area?we would like these to come down, it would be even more of an eyesore when rest of development down,stand out .If no plans for this can we see who or how this could be funded ?
  • Noted the Crumpled horn is being done up, especially the outside looks lot better, hope the inside is re vamped too.
  • Re suggestion make December meeting more social , our idea to arrange with Morrisons for ERA members and anyone in the community to join together for community singing xmas songs,at Morrisons, Carols and family fun songs ie when Santa got stuck  up the chimney, rudoplh the red nosed reindeer etc. CG have some song-sheets at work from library events .
  • We do not have to have special voices,its all about bringing people together, possibly 6 or 6.30 pm would be good
  • to involve families and children. We could go back to Acorn centre after for quick catch up it depends

Weneed to approach Morrisons see if that would be ok ? In the foyer and outside , would they provide mince pies and a drink ??

It good opportunity for them to be seen interacting with the community, especially at christmas, time of sharing joy and cheer.
  • Would be good opportunity to promote ERA and Horizons, handout flyers with our info,meeting dates and liter picks,  set up another couple of dates , so people can get used to it being regularly.

What are your thoughts on this please, forward to ERA Committee

  • next meeting wednesday Nov 25th

ERA September Minutes

– Next meeting on 28th October
– We welcomed a representative from Shaftesbury Lake committee
– The councillors updated about the post office, they are now in talks with Morrisons head office
– The vacant lot is now up for let
– The community picnic was well advertised and well organised thanks to Christine, but attendance was a bit disappointing
– We will advertise for street representatives, to feed back to meetings and be a point of contact
– There will be a special Christmas meeting on December 9th – mark your diaries now!

In co-operation with the Shaftesbury Lake committee, the next community litter pick (after a summer break) will meet at the Shaftesbury Lake at 11am on 17th October.  Morrisons have agreed to provide a few sandwiches afterwards, so come along, chat to Councillors, ERA members and Shaftesbury Lake people, share your ideas and do some good for the community!