Welcome to the Eldene Community website – the homepage for information about the Eldene Residents Association, with lots of info all about Eldene.


In May 2014 there was a meeting with various community groups interested in developing the “community feel” of Eldene. Following on from this the Eldene Residents Association was formed.

There is an Eldene Community Facebook group, which everyone can contribute to and feedback on.  There will be an email list for follow up information, and you can follow us on Twitter here:

Quite important – this is entirely a residents’ organisation – no commercial or political bias at all!


4 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. Nas orchard


    I am in the process of setting up a Road Safety Awareness campaign for a stretch of Welcombe Avenue in Park North.
    They are a few of us at the moment, we have had one meeting with councillors and we have a little movment going in the right direction. We still need to organise ourselves better and obtain more advice on matters.
    e.g. A councillor has is pointing us in the right direction to set up a Speed Watch, but….there is no funding available………
    Perhaps. we have to form a group like yours?
    So if you can pass on any advice, it will be welcomed.

    Nas Orchard

  2. John Tomkins

    Hey – What is the catchment area of association…?

    I am just the other side of the lakes, Shaftsbury Av, South Park – we share the same councillor but do we share the same association.

    Many Thanks – John T


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