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Police Report

wiltspoliceWe invited Rachel Barnett to attend the April ERA meeting, but unfortunately she is not able to make it.  She has however sent this fantastically detailed report about the work she does in the area, and we will be able to discuss this during the meeting.

The next Police Community Consultation is on May 8th in Morrisons from 1100 – 1300, and Rachel and Dean would be very happy to talk to you then.

POLICE REPORT, by Rachel Barnett

Firstly my apologies for not being able to attend – I have no child care for the evening.

I have been a community beat manager for Eldene, Liden and Dorcan for 7 years, working with the Neighbourhood Policing Team which covers East Swindon. I am a police officer and I have one full time PCSO working for me (it should be 2, but due to cut backs I‘m down to one). I have been a police officer for 26 years, all of which has been served in Swindon.

Please feel free to follow us on Facebook – East Swindon Police.

We manage approximately  8000 people/residents  on the area and we are involved in the following in our day to day work:

  • Going into schools – to conduct assemblies, speak to children who have committed low level crime within the community, speak to the students about issues they have at home etc, speak to staff who identify any home life problems students may be having so we can support those students and get partner agencies involved.
  • Follow up visits to every victim of crime (where possible)  within the area, including CCTVenquiries , and house 2 house enquiries.
  • We monitor our intelligence/crimestopper reports and respond by patrolling and changing our shifts to monitor/deal with issues.
  • We visit the more vulnerable members of our community regularly and should there be a deterioration in their well being , refer them to partner agencies.
  • Conduct community safety visits in the area with Trading standards.
  • Carry out community safety information days at Morrisons.
  • I deal with on going neighbourhood disputes/ liasing with our partners in the anti social behaviour team within the council and housing dept.
  • I deal with crime, interview of offenders, putting files together for court.
  • We work with the Head Injury unit (chalkdown House) to ensure their residents are not only safe but the community is safe also.
  • We carry out warrants on well known criminals in the area for a range of offences – when the magistrates issue the warrants on the information we get from the public.
  • We identify young people who are becoming a problem within the community and begin the process of acceptable behaviour contracts, housing letters to parents and in the worst case senario we escalate to ASBOs.
  • I also have to work night shifts on the Town Centre, about once a month, to police the “night time economy.
  • I am also sometimes abstracted to head up House to House enquiries for large scale investigations – ie the stabbings in Park North recently.

So, if you haven t met me yet, I apologise. I try my best to patrol as much as I can and I actively encourage my PCSOs to do the same so that you see us in your community. Hopefully, if you haven’t seen us, then the above will go a little way to explaining perhaps why you haven’t.

We are passionate about the community we serve so I urge everyone I meet to contact us by whatever means is best for you, should you need our help or just need a bit of advice.  You can phone 101, use Facebook or email

I have gone through the figures for the last month and broken down as follows;

  • Anti social behaviour – we have had reports for this in Stubsmead and outside Morrisons . We know who the youths are and are putting in place actions with the support of their parents.
  • In March an attempted Robbery was reported in Richard Jefferies Park by 2 unknown males.
  • We have had damage to vehicles reported  in Kennedy Drive and Elmore.
  • We have an issue with motorbikes being driven around on the footpaths. This is a difficult one – we have a no pursuit policy due to the risks to the motorcyclist (ie if they fall off we get the blame). Registration numbers are always helpful so that we can seize the bike from them and get it crushed, and any descriptions of the riders are useful to us as we usually have a pretty good idea who they are !!

In Swindon we are also becoming concerned with the amount of Drug Dealers who are coming into the town from London and Birmingham. We rely heavily on any information the public can give us so that we can encourage (hound) them out of our town.  We carried out 8 warrants on addresses which are used by these dangerous drug networks. Our aim is to keep doing these warrants and give them the message that we will not tolerate it in our town. These dealers “employ” low level addicts to deliver their drugs to other addicts , who in turn commit crime to fund their habits….so it has a massive impact on our community as a whole.

I hope this helps explain our role and how committed we are to you.

Please if you have any questions or issues to raise please give them to Mike and I will meet with him to go through them.

Many thanks

Rachel Barnett


Question Time April 2015

WP_20150410_004Eldene Residents Association and Horizons jointly hosted a Question Time hustings event for the South Swindon parliamentary candidates on Friday April 10th at 7:30.  It was a very popular event with 25 in the audience for the candidates from the Conservative, Labour and Green parties.

Jo Milsom chaired the meeting, putting questions to the candidates that had been submitted beforehand by the audience.  It was dominated by questions on the NHS, reflecting the questions that had been submitted, and also the interest in boosting good mental health that Horizons are working towards.

WP_20150410_006The evening was more informal than some, with no desks to hide behind, and there was a good discussion between the audience and the candidates, with some local councillors chipping in information too!

Thanks very much to all who came, as there were lots of good ideas that came out of it, as well as finding out more about the candidates, and hopefully the Eldene Residents Association will be able to take some of the ideas forward.

The next ERA meeting is on Monday 27th April at 7:30 in the Acorn building.  See you there!


Eldene Centre Update

1st July 2014 at the Eldene Community Centre

This was an update given by John Coates from the council property department.  Present were Naz Ali who is the Localities Officer at the Council, plus Eldene councillors Fay Howard, Derique Montaut and Neil Heavens and representatives of the Community Centre.

The information and discussions were as follows:

  • There will  be 3 new commercial units on the Morrisons site. These were to be handed over recently, but were not built up to standard so improvements have been made, and they should be ready soon.
  • The takeaway and the bookmakers from the current centre will move to these new units, but Martin’s newsagent are not keen to move. Martin’s have been served a notice on their lease which will run out in December.
  • Martin’s hold the current Post Office licence, so while there is another party interested in opening a Post Office in the 3rd commercial unit, this is difficult to progress until the current licence is resolve.
  • The flats have all been vacated.
  • Once the Centre is empty the building will be demolished.  The current timescale for this is Spring 2015.  The site will then be landscaped, and consultation on what this will look like will take place in October 2014.  The landscaper is the same company that did Cavendish Green in Parks, so have a look there for an idea.
  • The Community Centre are very keen on improved access, for example for delivery lorries and fire engines if necessary.

That was the main information about Eldene Centre, but there was discussion about other matters:

  • The Council has no control over the gym site, it can be left dormant as long as there is no safety hazard. There was no information provided about who owns the site.
  • The Community Centre was unhappy that the bushes out front were removed without replacement, and weeds are now growing.  There were also other issues about the windows etc, which Fay will chase up for them.