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September Minutes

ERA meeting, 28th Sept 2016

Mike, Jo, Annette, Dave, Jim (arrived later)

Double yellow lines discussion by Colingsmead – are they existing by the bus stop?

There was discussion about how to get things done, including who should we be pushing to do stuff, and do we always need to go through Councillors, is this the best way?

Morrisons are still providing food for the litter-picking, and it’s going well – thank you to them!

Next dates are 8th October, 12th November and 10th December.

Only a few people attending this evening – what would people like from Eldene Residents Association?

Are we going to be superceded by the Parish – going to be superceded by Nythe, Liden, Eldene, so need to make sure that Eldene and Liden are represented.

ERA will support joining with Liden and Nythe.

Would the Parish become responsible for the community centre?

Eldene Beach meeting on Friday 30th Sept, we will feed back about the pictures.  Raised area would make it more difficult to maintain. Money could be spent dressing up the community centre, as well as sorting out the entrance to Eldene primary.

Streetlamps – Jim notified StreetSmart about the lights, and they have been fixed. Are there more that are out?


August Minutes

Eldene Residents Association, 31st August 2016


Dave, Jim (Treasurer), Mike (Secretary), Corinne, Sheila, Wayne, Jim


Jo (Chair), Annette


There will be a meeting in Eldene with the consultation.  Current plan is for Eldene to join with Liden and Nythe.  A reasonably small parish is a good thing so that the money does stay in Eldene.

If you go back 20 years Eldene used to be very well kept.


·        What happens if people don’t pay the precept?

Eldene Beach Update

Fay brought a CD on the Beach, but Mike didn’t bring his CD reader.  There will be a meeting at end September and feedback given to the architects.  Seating would be good, and wastebins.

Events up to Christmas

Carol singing on 21st December.

Litter-picking continuing, dates are in the Handy Mag.

  • 17th Sept
  • 8th Oct
  • 12th Nov
  • 10th Dec

DS would like people on community service to do litter-picking as well.  Fay to follow-up.

The Young Wardens made a planter, which looks good.


Consultation being done about double yellow lines.

Is there money available for more parking spaces?


·        NextDoor organisation?  Some had information through the door about them, but it wasn’t clear what the purpose was.

·        Footpath towards Liden needs work.

·        Library is shutting, Jim brought a petition about Parks library.

·        Need to email out minutes and date of next meeting (wasn’t done this time).

·        Various discussion about whether Labour areas get less money – is there evidence that it is the case?  Eldene Drive redone in one night, other roads get done properly.  Is that Council money?  Kershaw Drive has a nice road surface.  Pot holes on Eldene Drive past Snodshill.

July Meeting and Consultation

We are unfortunately having to cancel the July meeting due to the school being shut and the officers being away, but the consultation on Parishing is due a few days after, and we would like to contribute on behalf of Eldene Residents.

The general feeling from the meetings we have attended and the feedback we have received is that Parishing is not generally wanted, primarily because of the lack of volunteers likely to be needed to run the Parish, and also because it will entail a rise in Council Tax.  Eldene Residents have been disappointed recently with the poor quality of grass-cutting, and also with the impending closure of three important libraries within walking distance (Parks, Covingham and Liden), so have not generally been impressed with Council provision of services.  This is not a reflection of our local Councillors, who have been supportive of local issues.

However, we feel it is important to provide a viewpoint on the choice that is being put forward – namely, to be put in a Parish with Parks or to go with Liden, Nythe and Covingham.  Of these two choices, it would be a lot more preferable to go with Liden, Nythe and Covingham, and presumably Dorcan would be include in that Parish, though it is more of a business than residential area.  This is due to the general feeling of being more of a similar area, as well as seeing the benefits that joining existing Parishes would bring, in terms of the administrative expertise and contacts of existing Parish Councillors.

If you are an Eldene resident and this does not reflect your views, please do let us know.


Mike Davies

ERA Secretary

June Minutes

Eldene Meeting 29th June 16

Present: Paula (SBC Localities), Tom (Police – Eldene and Liden), Jo (Chair), Annette, Eileen, Douglas, Mike (Sec), Jim (Treasurer), Anne-Marie, Wayne, Corinne

Apols: Fay (Councillor)


Public meetings across Swindon – please do go to these.  Cabinet members are going to them.  Eldene not in a parished area.

Headline messages:

  • Council is minded to parish the whole borough
  • Formal public consultation will have one map, currently we have two.  Eldene could be in East Swindon CP, or a smaller one with Nythe and Covingham, which are existing Parishes (CP standing for Civil Parish).  Other options will also be available.
  • Council budget is basically shrinking down to just young and old people

£0 for Inglesham, over £100 if you are in Wroughton (per year).  Haydon Wick would speak very highly of their Parish, that waste and inefficiency at the Council outweighs economies of scale.

~£40 per year likely (depending on Banding)

Services like to go down to Parish level:

  • Street Smart (graffiti, grass-cutting
  • Libraries
  • Community Centres

Feedback welcome at:

Feedback in writing in any form. Refer to Map 1 and Map 2, and give substance to views.  Not just “I don’t want to pay more Council Tax”.  For example, give opinions on who we should be grouped with.

There is a workshop on Monday 4th July, 7pm at Acorn Centre with local representatives.

Then a public meeting at Liden centre on 11th July, 7:30pm.  A councillor will be there.

There will be a “Shadow Parish” from January to March 2017, with Borough Councillors acting as Parish councillors.

As an example, there are around 50 people employed by Stratton Parish Council, plus commercial contracts.


 Tom – from November 7th there will be one on each team responsible for Eldene/Liden, and they will also be response officers.  24 hour coverage as long as there is no big disturbance happening.  Rachel will be co-ordinating.

Urban response for 999 has to be under 10 minutes, in Swindon it is more like 4 minutes.

Less urgent is 1 hour.

Scheduled response is 24 hours, which goes to community teams anyway.

It’s all a money-saving exercise.  Trowbridge and Warminster are trialling it at the moment.  However, there should be more police out and about on the street.


Local issues:

  • Motorbikes and mopeds on pavements.
    • Police are not allowed to pursue 2-wheeled vehicles (national pursuit guidelines).
    • Can’t use spikes on a moped.
  • There are rumours of drug-dealing.  If you have corroborating evidence about drug-dealing please do let the police know so they can put a portfolio together.
  • Dorcan pupils stealing from the sweet aisles, lack of CCTV.  There was a section 35 dispersal order, which are temporary.
  • Kids trying car doors, then ransacking the car. Keep doors locked, check the handle before walking away.
  • ABCs – acceptable behaviour contracts. First stage for an injunction to make people behave. Council can then take tenancy off people.

Please do email Tom directly with any concerns:

In general, report things you are concerned about, so that a portfolio can be built up

May Minutes

ERA May minutes

Present: Jo (chair), Jim (treasurer), Corinne (committee member), Fay (councillor)

Apologies: Mike (secretary)

1) Community cleanups

a. The last one was very well-attended and we had a fantastic picnic afterwards provided by Abbie from Morrisons.

b. For the next cleanup, on Sat June 18th, we have booked the Acorn room from 12 to 1pm so we can have our post-picking-picnic-party in more comfort.

c. Eldene School has agreed to distribute a notice of a competition for the children to design a Clean Eldene poster. We hope Morrisons will provide some prizes. End date of competition to be decided….

2) Eldene School summer fair

a. School has agreed to allow an ERA stall at their summer fair. School will provide table. Fay has a display board for photos of ERA’s exploits. We will have a big map and invite children to put stickers where they live. Also, play a game with litter grabbers picking up crisps packets as quickly as possible, with small prizes. Fay and Corinne can run the stall.

3) Police

a. Rachel is leaving Eldene on secondment for 6 months. Her replacement was due to attend the meeting but had to pull out at the last minute.

4) Shops

a. The last unit by Morrisons is to be taken by a hairdresser.

5) Eldene Beach landscaping

a. No news – Fay chasing

ERA Minutes 27th April

Eldene Residents Minutes 27th April 16

Jo (Chair),Wayne, Mike, Jim (Treasurer), Chris, Annette, Fay, Jim

Agenda: Who, What, When, Where, How

What is the plan for the next 6 or 12 months?


  • Litter-pick – put stuff up on the Morrisons board
  • Publicity in general – put it all in the Handy Mag, send out through Eldene School
  • Is some of it being blown out of recycling?
  • Meads is one of the worst areas as the recycling people have to move the boxes a long way to the trucks
  • Would Morrisons be able to put up some posters? Donate a prize for some good posters? IT one and hand-drawn one?
  • Upcoming dates: 14/5, 18/6 (followed by coffee), 9/7, 6/8
  • Actions: Mike to do poster and contact Abbie, Jim to advertise through school
  • Always meet at Morrisons (far end of car park)
  • Needles – Chris is going to do the needle-picking up course, then can use the stuff to pick it up!
  • Kids are welcome to come with parents

Police Involvement

  • We haven’t had any reports – invite them along, they haven’t made it (they do attend Morrisons the first Tuesday of the month).
  • Lack of money means they are not providing services.

School Summer fair, Jim to let us know, and we can have a table to promote what we do

(Big map of Eldene?, do something with that)

Post Office

  • Like the Co-op in Sussex Square would be good, but we are in limbo until the spare shop gets something put in. There might be a charity shop in the empty unit.


  • Questionnaire is still happening – surveys for Lydiard and Coate Water as well.
  • Volunteers can’t do anything involving data protection.


  • They have returned, and go to Morrisons cafe. (WTTL).


  • Council officers are aware.
  • You have to be less than 12” away from the kerb or you might get fined.
  • No budget for extra car parking. Localities money has gone, we were supposed to be getting some this year round.
  • To get double yellow lines costs £3000 for a Traffic Regulation Order.

Boosting Attendance

  • Coffee morning to meet residents? Saturday morning?


  • Waiting until after the election.

Eldene Beach

  • Still nothing happening.

Community Centre

  • Could do with getting the Centre being involved again, would boost the area.

Street Wardens

  • Not doing what they were originally planned to do. Could they come to the meeting? Same as the neighbourhood wardens. Could they explain what they do? (Joan Woods – HRA Account pays her).


  • Increasing in numbers, this room is filled on a Wednesday.


  • Another way of advertising – stick it on there.

ERA March Minutes

ERA March minutes

Present: Jo (chair), Jim (treasurer, taking minutes), Christine (committee member), Corinne (committee member),  Chris (councillor), Fay (councillor), Jim, Dave, Rob, Danny, Natalie, Anne-Marie, +2

Apologies: Mike (secretary), Doug and Eileen, Margaret


  • Meeting was hoping for a presentation by Cllr Toby Elliot who is leading the parishing project for SBC but he did not attend. Instead, Chris explained the financial reasoning behind the parishing idea, and what is known about the way it would work.
  • Central government restricts council tax rise to about 2%
  • SBC wants to raise more money or hand over services it cannot afford
  • Parishes can set and collect their own precept (like parish council tax) but must provide some services
  • Existing parishes in Swindon collect between £30 and £150 a year for varying levels of service
  • SBC’s economies of scale could be lost in a diverse collection of parishes
  • A cap on precept rise was recently imposed on Newquay town council (equivalent to a parish council).
  • Existing councillors would be obliged to sit on parish councils
  • There was much discussion and many doubts expressed. The feeling of the meeting was strongly against the imposition of a parish in or including Eldene.



  • There was a brief discussion of the rationale for the proposed cuts to libraries. The feeling of the meeting was against the cuts.

Litter pick 


  • The next litter pick is on Sat 16th Apr at 11am, starting from the far end of Morrisons car park.

Next meeting

  • April 27th