September Minutes

ERA meeting, 28th Sept 2016

Mike, Jo, Annette, Dave, Jim (arrived later)

Double yellow lines discussion by Colingsmead – are they existing by the bus stop?

There was discussion about how to get things done, including who should we be pushing to do stuff, and do we always need to go through Councillors, is this the best way?

Morrisons are still providing food for the litter-picking, and it’s going well – thank you to them!

Next dates are 8th October, 12th November and 10th December.

Only a few people attending this evening – what would people like from Eldene Residents Association?

Are we going to be superceded by the Parish – going to be superceded by Nythe, Liden, Eldene, so need to make sure that Eldene and Liden are represented.

ERA will support joining with Liden and Nythe.

Would the Parish become responsible for the community centre?

Eldene Beach meeting on Friday 30th Sept, we will feed back about the pictures.  Raised area would make it more difficult to maintain. Money could be spent dressing up the community centre, as well as sorting out the entrance to Eldene primary.

Streetlamps – Jim notified StreetSmart about the lights, and they have been fixed. Are there more that are out?


2 thoughts on “September Minutes

  1. Martin Costello

    Hello fellow residents,

    As a candidate in the upcoming parish elections I would like to introduce myself to you.
    I have lived in Eldene for almost 10 years and over this time I have witnessed the degeneration of the area at first-hand – this is what has prompted me to get involved and personally do something about it.

    I hold a Master of Science degree and am not only a Chartered Geographer but is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. I have also served as a Special Constable for the Wiltshire Constabulary. I am extremely passionate about social tolerance and equality for all.

    My policies include building a footpath from Eldene to Morrison’s where the widely used route is often muddy and unsafe, particularly over the winter months.

    I would like to consult residents regarding utilising some of the greenspace to accommodate more parking spaces to solve the parking problems we see. Eldene was not originally planned to hold so many cars and must be developed sensibly to accommodate this issue.

    I WILL ensure that the anti-social behaviour as seen recently around Morrision’s is dealt with strongly and rooted out so people are no longer intimidated when out in Eldene.

    Although FULLY committed to Eldene, I strongly oppose the parishing system and am disgusted how it’s pushed even more Swindonian’s into poverty. I feel funding short falls should be made up by central government by scrapping folly’s such as HS2 and ensuring large corporate firms pay their fair share of tax.

    Let’s get the ‘Fox in the Hen-House’ and hold the Council to account for this utter farce!

    1. sann0638 Post author

      Hi Martin,
      hopefully you have found the Eldene Community facebook group – there is a fair amount of chat on there, come and say hello!


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