August Minutes

Eldene Residents Association, 31st August 2016


Dave, Jim (Treasurer), Mike (Secretary), Corinne, Sheila, Wayne, Jim


Jo (Chair), Annette


There will be a meeting in Eldene with the consultation.  Current plan is for Eldene to join with Liden and Nythe.  A reasonably small parish is a good thing so that the money does stay in Eldene.

If you go back 20 years Eldene used to be very well kept.


·        What happens if people don’t pay the precept?

Eldene Beach Update

Fay brought a CD on the Beach, but Mike didn’t bring his CD reader.  There will be a meeting at end September and feedback given to the architects.  Seating would be good, and wastebins.

Events up to Christmas

Carol singing on 21st December.

Litter-picking continuing, dates are in the Handy Mag.

  • 17th Sept
  • 8th Oct
  • 12th Nov
  • 10th Dec

DS would like people on community service to do litter-picking as well.  Fay to follow-up.

The Young Wardens made a planter, which looks good.


Consultation being done about double yellow lines.

Is there money available for more parking spaces?


·        NextDoor organisation?  Some had information through the door about them, but it wasn’t clear what the purpose was.

·        Footpath towards Liden needs work.

·        Library is shutting, Jim brought a petition about Parks library.

·        Need to email out minutes and date of next meeting (wasn’t done this time).

·        Various discussion about whether Labour areas get less money – is there evidence that it is the case?  Eldene Drive redone in one night, other roads get done properly.  Is that Council money?  Kershaw Drive has a nice road surface.  Pot holes on Eldene Drive past Snodshill.


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