July Meeting and Consultation

We are unfortunately having to cancel the July meeting due to the school being shut and the officers being away, but the consultation on Parishing is due a few days after, and we would like to contribute on behalf of Eldene Residents.

The general feeling from the meetings we have attended and the feedback we have received is that Parishing is not generally wanted, primarily because of the lack of volunteers likely to be needed to run the Parish, and also because it will entail a rise in Council Tax.  Eldene Residents have been disappointed recently with the poor quality of grass-cutting, and also with the impending closure of three important libraries within walking distance (Parks, Covingham and Liden), so have not generally been impressed with Council provision of services.  This is not a reflection of our local Councillors, who have been supportive of local issues.

However, we feel it is important to provide a viewpoint on the choice that is being put forward – namely, to be put in a Parish with Parks or to go with Liden, Nythe and Covingham.  Of these two choices, it would be a lot more preferable to go with Liden, Nythe and Covingham, and presumably Dorcan would be include in that Parish, though it is more of a business than residential area.  This is due to the general feeling of being more of a similar area, as well as seeing the benefits that joining existing Parishes would bring, in terms of the administrative expertise and contacts of existing Parish Councillors.

If you are an Eldene resident and this does not reflect your views, please do let us know.


Mike Davies

ERA Secretary


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