June Minutes

Eldene Meeting 29th June 16

Present: Paula (SBC Localities), Tom (Police – Eldene and Liden), Jo (Chair), Annette, Eileen, Douglas, Mike (Sec), Jim (Treasurer), Anne-Marie, Wayne, Corinne

Apols: Fay (Councillor)


Public meetings across Swindon – please do go to these.  Cabinet members are going to them.  Eldene not in a parished area.

Headline messages:

  • Council is minded to parish the whole borough
  • Formal public consultation will have one map, currently we have two.  Eldene could be in East Swindon CP, or a smaller one with Nythe and Covingham, which are existing Parishes (CP standing for Civil Parish).  Other options will also be available.
  • Council budget is basically shrinking down to just young and old people

£0 for Inglesham, over £100 if you are in Wroughton (per year).  Haydon Wick would speak very highly of their Parish, that waste and inefficiency at the Council outweighs economies of scale.

~£40 per year likely (depending on Banding)

Services like to go down to Parish level:

  • Street Smart (graffiti, grass-cutting
  • Libraries
  • Community Centres

Feedback welcome at: cgr@swindon.gov.uk

Feedback in writing in any form. Refer to Map 1 and Map 2, and give substance to views.  Not just “I don’t want to pay more Council Tax”.  For example, give opinions on who we should be grouped with.

There is a workshop on Monday 4th July, 7pm at Acorn Centre with local representatives.

Then a public meeting at Liden centre on 11th July, 7:30pm.  A councillor will be there.

There will be a “Shadow Parish” from January to March 2017, with Borough Councillors acting as Parish councillors.

As an example, there are around 50 people employed by Stratton Parish Council, plus commercial contracts.


 Tom – from November 7th there will be one on each team responsible for Eldene/Liden, and they will also be response officers.  24 hour coverage as long as there is no big disturbance happening.  Rachel will be co-ordinating.

Urban response for 999 has to be under 10 minutes, in Swindon it is more like 4 minutes.

Less urgent is 1 hour.

Scheduled response is 24 hours, which goes to community teams anyway.

It’s all a money-saving exercise.  Trowbridge and Warminster are trialling it at the moment.  However, there should be more police out and about on the street.


Local issues:

  • Motorbikes and mopeds on pavements.
    • Police are not allowed to pursue 2-wheeled vehicles (national pursuit guidelines).
    • Can’t use spikes on a moped.
  • There are rumours of drug-dealing.  If you have corroborating evidence about drug-dealing please do let the police know so they can put a portfolio together.
  • Dorcan pupils stealing from the sweet aisles, lack of CCTV.  There was a section 35 dispersal order, which are temporary.
  • Kids trying car doors, then ransacking the car. Keep doors locked, check the handle before walking away.
  • ABCs – acceptable behaviour contracts. First stage for an injunction to make people behave. Council can then take tenancy off people.

Please do email Tom directly with any concerns: 2501@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

In general, report things you are concerned about, so that a portfolio can be built up


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