ERA Minutes 27th April

Eldene Residents Minutes 27th April 16

Jo (Chair),Wayne, Mike, Jim (Treasurer), Chris, Annette, Fay, Jim

Agenda: Who, What, When, Where, How

What is the plan for the next 6 or 12 months?


  • Litter-pick – put stuff up on the Morrisons board
  • Publicity in general – put it all in the Handy Mag, send out through Eldene School
  • Is some of it being blown out of recycling?
  • Meads is one of the worst areas as the recycling people have to move the boxes a long way to the trucks
  • Would Morrisons be able to put up some posters? Donate a prize for some good posters? IT one and hand-drawn one?
  • Upcoming dates: 14/5, 18/6 (followed by coffee), 9/7, 6/8
  • Actions: Mike to do poster and contact Abbie, Jim to advertise through school
  • Always meet at Morrisons (far end of car park)
  • Needles – Chris is going to do the needle-picking up course, then can use the stuff to pick it up!
  • Kids are welcome to come with parents

Police Involvement

  • We haven’t had any reports – invite them along, they haven’t made it (they do attend Morrisons the first Tuesday of the month).
  • Lack of money means they are not providing services.

School Summer fair, Jim to let us know, and we can have a table to promote what we do

(Big map of Eldene?, do something with that)

Post Office

  • Like the Co-op in Sussex Square would be good, but we are in limbo until the spare shop gets something put in. There might be a charity shop in the empty unit.


  • Questionnaire is still happening – surveys for Lydiard and Coate Water as well.
  • Volunteers can’t do anything involving data protection.


  • They have returned, and go to Morrisons cafe. (WTTL).


  • Council officers are aware.
  • You have to be less than 12” away from the kerb or you might get fined.
  • No budget for extra car parking. Localities money has gone, we were supposed to be getting some this year round.
  • To get double yellow lines costs £3000 for a Traffic Regulation Order.

Boosting Attendance

  • Coffee morning to meet residents? Saturday morning?


  • Waiting until after the election.

Eldene Beach

  • Still nothing happening.

Community Centre

  • Could do with getting the Centre being involved again, would boost the area.

Street Wardens

  • Not doing what they were originally planned to do. Could they come to the meeting? Same as the neighbourhood wardens. Could they explain what they do? (Joan Woods – HRA Account pays her).


  • Increasing in numbers, this room is filled on a Wednesday.


  • Another way of advertising – stick it on there.

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