ERA March Minutes

ERA March minutes

Present: Jo (chair), Jim (treasurer, taking minutes), Christine (committee member), Corinne (committee member),  Chris (councillor), Fay (councillor), Jim, Dave, Rob, Danny, Natalie, Anne-Marie, +2

Apologies: Mike (secretary), Doug and Eileen, Margaret


  • Meeting was hoping for a presentation by Cllr Toby Elliot who is leading the parishing project for SBC but he did not attend. Instead, Chris explained the financial reasoning behind the parishing idea, and what is known about the way it would work.
  • Central government restricts council tax rise to about 2%
  • SBC wants to raise more money or hand over services it cannot afford
  • Parishes can set and collect their own precept (like parish council tax) but must provide some services
  • Existing parishes in Swindon collect between £30 and £150 a year for varying levels of service
  • SBC’s economies of scale could be lost in a diverse collection of parishes
  • A cap on precept rise was recently imposed on Newquay town council (equivalent to a parish council).
  • Existing councillors would be obliged to sit on parish councils
  • There was much discussion and many doubts expressed. The feeling of the meeting was strongly against the imposition of a parish in or including Eldene.



  • There was a brief discussion of the rationale for the proposed cuts to libraries. The feeling of the meeting was against the cuts.

Litter pick 


  • The next litter pick is on Sat 16th Apr at 11am, starting from the far end of Morrisons car park.

Next meeting

  • April 27th

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