ERA AGM Feb 16

Eldene Residents AGM – 24th Feb 2016

Present: Jo (Chair), Annmarie, Naomi, Kathleen (Horizons), Mike (Sec), Jim (Treasurer), Eileen, Mr Eileen, Fay, Lesley, Corinne, Jim

Apologies: Ian Vincent, Christine, Rob


Jo started the meeting.  Everyone went round and introduced themselves, Jo thanked Horizons for kicking off ERA.

Chair’s Report

  • 5-6 litter picks, including round Shaftesbury lake in conjunction with the Angling Society, and working with Morrisons.  We have developed a good relationship with them.
  • Tabletop sale went very well, thanks to Christine for driving the organisation.
  • Post Office discussions rumble on.
  • Hustings for the General Election.
  • Involvement in discussions for Eldene Beach development.
  • Local Police reports.
  • Carol singing (must take a charity bucket next time)
  • Parishing discussion.


  • Jim gave around his summary of the accounts thus far.  £229.20 in the bank.
  • V disappointing that the ERA banner has gone missing.
  • May need to spend money on a new leaflet drop.



  • Jo, Jim and Mike nominated (by Corinne) and seconded (by Jim B) to carry on.
  • Naomi and Corinne joined the Committee.


Eldene Beach


  • Children running straight over it into the road was a problem.
  • Sally (the Architect/Planner) has left the Council, there is a new person involved. Fay will push from the Council’s point of view, we can also get in touch.



  • Fay
  • Post Office stalling but tricky to get anywhere.
  • With Eldene Beach,  people are using the back road to park on by the Crumpled Horn.
  • Parishing.  Clerks get paid, so it would be an extra level of administration spend.  Next ERA meeting will focus on Parishing.  We can invite Talis who is a Parish Councillor in Wroughton, and ideally someone like Russell Holland who is the plan.  (30th March).
  • Children’s Centres are closing.
  • Libraries under threat.  We can get involved.  MD to write a letter from ERA – council meeting is 25th February.  Voluntary Action Swindon has also had their budget cut. We will circulate different projects.
  • Council meeting budget tomorrow will increase Council tax, mostly to care for older people
  • There is a scheme where a bus comes with IT people, to help those who are less IT-literate to save money by using IT.  Horizons are interested in hosting that bus.


  • Concerns about people walking down the slope towards the roundabout.  Will raise that with Morrisons Community manager.
  • Talis offered a bike fix kit (ask Morrisons).



  • Hustings for Europe referendum (June 23rd)
  • Local Elections on May 5th (Fay is up for election)
  • Litter pick on 12th March (Richard Jefferies), 16th April (meet far end Morrisons) 11am, 14th May (Eldene Beach)




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