January Minutes

ERA January minutes

Present: Jo (chair), Jim (treasurer), Jim, Anne-Marie, +2

Apologies: Mike (secretary), Christine (committee member)

1) Litter picking

a. The last litter pick went from Colingsmead play area up along Colingsmead and the car park, and then along the front of the community centre. We ended with tea, coffee and snacks at Morrisons – many thanks to Morrison’s community liaison officer!

b. The next litter pick is on Sat 13th Feb at 11am, starting from the Snodshill play area (‘Thorney Park’).

2) Eldene Centre landscaping

a. The steering group for this project has met several times over the last few months, and the next meeting is in early Feb. At this meeting, it is hoped that preliminary sketch designs will be considered.

b. Ideas for the area were discussed, including: children’s play area, water feature, cafe/kiosk, fixed exercise bikes, trim trail equipment.

c. It was agreed to invite the landscape designer to an ERA meeting when the design is at the consultation stage. It was also agreed that some kind of exhibition of the proposals would be suggested, perhaps in the Acorn building or the community centre, and that ERA would help to publicise this, possibly with notices in Morrisons, in the school, on a leaflet-drop, and on Facebook.

3) ERA annual general meeting

a. We are due an AGM and it was agreed to make our next meeting the AGM. This will be on Weds 24th Feb at 7.30 at the usual venue.

4) AOB

a. Heavy Goods Vehicles – an ERA member wrote to WTTL (the HGV driving instructors) and the DVSA querying the use of Eldene Drive. WTTL responded with a ban on further use of Eldene Drive for HGV instruction. The DVSA responded that although it had no direct powers, it would recommend to Driving Schools that they avoid using Eldene Drive.

b. Community Radio – it was suggested that Community Radio, currently operating out of Liden Library be used to help publicise ERA


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