November ERA Minutes

ERA Minutes 25th November 2015

Present: Rob, Annmarie, Jo, Christine, Corinne, Jim, Mike, Chris

Apologies: Eileen, Fay

  • Review of last meeting
  • For the Shaftesbury big clean, a lot of the rubbish was around the fishing stations.
  • Plan for a January clear up, start at the Colingsmead play area
  • Saturday 9th January @ 11am, followed by a cup of tea and (hopefully!) sandwich at Morrisons (MD to email)
  • Monday 14th December at 6pm – sing song at Morrisons (MD to contact)
  • Flier for meetings, clean ups etc
  • Feb Litter Pick – 13th at same time, starting at Snodshill
  • March Litter Pick – 12th at Richard Jeffries
  • Last Wed of the month for these meetings

Eldene Centre.  Next meeting on 9th December for the steering group. They have demolished the Centre now.

Toilets at the Crumpled Horn?  Part of the next meeting of the landscaping group.

Gorse Hill Co-op has a Post Office till, which could easily be incorporated into Morrisons.  The new Co-op has one as well, which would be worth getting a picture of to show Morrisons.


WTTL are now using Eldene as a training route, as DSA/DVSA now have it on the testing route.  RL has phoned WTTL.  Cllr Heenan has had a weight limit put on Kingfisher Drive in Covingham, which might explain why the new route is being used. The road surface might also not be up to it.

Re: Parishes, there is going to be a Community Governance Review regarding parishing the town, and existing perishing changing their boundaries.  Stratton Parish Council (£100/year) is one of the largest parishes in the council, and they look after allotments, playgrounds, rubbish bins, sports centre, possibly library.  Others like Nythe (£30/year) just do grass cutting.

Swindon Special Rate pays for local services.

These parish councils seem to be being created to fill a hole in the finances.

Local councillors would end up as parish councillors for the first year legally, by default.

It does seem to get very political with Parish Councils, in summary.


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