October ERA Minutes

Christine, Fay,  and Rob Loss (Thorne road) present.
Updated them on Jim’s info re Eldene centre last meeting developments (as your info sent on)
Litter pick was great, glad to see other members of community, fishing group, Tae Q  group etc joining in.
We want to build on success of this and set dates for future picks.
  • It was suggested,we pick a play area to meet at each time for different locations and easy place for others to recognise
Also to try some Sundays, as well as Saturdays perhaps alternate a bit ….
Therefore next Litter pick to meet at Colingsmead, witches  hat play area Sun 6th Dec
Suggested next date either Sat 9th or Sun 10th Jan / New Year Clean Up
  • Re Morrisons, Rob raised a concern that customers walking,are entering and exiting the car park in the corner,cutting through nearest to Edison roundabout. A very bad place to cross Dorcan way, he isconcerned there could be an accident there one day. If Morrisons were to make more of a barrier or something ,it would deter people
Should this be raised with Morrisons?
  • Also as people walk across the zebra crossing from Morrisons back to Eldene they are walking in a straight line over a rough bit of grass,then onto adjoining broken paving at the beginnng of path alongside houses. Can see a definite path across the grass (when no leaves fallen).who could we ask ?
  • or can it come out of funding ? to make a proper path here, especially before the bad winter weather.?
  • Raised question ,what is happening to the old toilets in the Crumpled Horn car park area?we would like these to come down, it would be even more of an eyesore when rest of development down,stand out .If no plans for this can we see who or how this could be funded ?
  • Noted the Crumpled horn is being done up, especially the outside looks lot better, hope the inside is re vamped too.
  • Re suggestion make December meeting more social , our idea to arrange with Morrisons for ERA members and anyone in the community to join together for community singing xmas songs,at Morrisons, Carols and family fun songs ie when Santa got stuck  up the chimney, rudoplh the red nosed reindeer etc. CG have some song-sheets at work from library events .
  • We do not have to have special voices,its all about bringing people together, possibly 6 or 6.30 pm would be good
  • to involve families and children. We could go back to Acorn centre after for quick catch up it depends

Weneed to approach Morrisons see if that would be ok ? In the foyer and outside , would they provide mince pies and a drink ??

It good opportunity for them to be seen interacting with the community, especially at christmas, time of sharing joy and cheer.
  • Would be good opportunity to promote ERA and Horizons, handout flyers with our info,meeting dates and liter picks,  set up another couple of dates , so people can get used to it being regularly.

What are your thoughts on this please, forward to ERA Committee

  • next meeting wednesday Nov 25th

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