ERA Minutes 26th August 2015

Present: Chris Watts (Councillor), Margaret (Horizons), 7 residents

Apologies: Jo and Annette Milsom, Fay Howard, Robert Loss, Kathleen Aitken, Ann Easter, Derique Montaut, Corinne Milner, Nathalie Marshall

  • Eldene Centre
    • Utility people have been in. No truth in rumours of flats.
    • Flyers should go out to parents from Eldene school at the start of term, also good to mention in assemblies etc.
    • Consultation should go into Morrisons.
  • Spending council grant
  • Social on 12th September
    • Taking these together, advertising ERA using a banner would be a good idea.
    • Community picnic, 12th Sept 3-5pm.
    • Adverts in Morrisons, in Handy Mag, flyer through school, in the Advertiser, Doctor’s surgery, poster board by lakes, Holy Family school, preschool.
    • Plan is for stories, random picnic, outdoor games, bats and balls, boule sets, advertise for people to bring their outdoor activities.
    • Leaflet drop would be good – think about designing.
    • Possible idea – putting together an “Eldene newsletter”, would someone from the Wednesday group be interested?
    • Street champions idea should be taken forward.
    • Access to dog walkers (interest in some sort of dog show?)
  • Response to increasing Morrisons delivery hours
    • Morrisons want to begin deliveries at 0500. CW will ask the Morrisons community champion for details.
    • Eldene residents are using the Co-op at Cavendish Square rather than Morrisons due to the Park South post office.
    • Rachel at the council is going to look at community hubs.
  • AOB
    • Fitness First now up to let. Mike will ask the company what the deal is.
    • #20 bus service. Meeting is on 24th September regarding the bus, would be helpful if people went along. Petitions presented as part of that, and we could put forward a “public question”.
    • Thorne Road post box was being surveyed. CW will contact Mary Warwick at the Post Office regarding street furniture and a current survey not giving an accurate picture.
    • Bank account is still pending.
    • Community Navigators – Elaine Woolfe (sp?). Link between GP surgery and residents.
    • Next meeting is 30th September, picnic on 12th September.

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