ERA Meeting Minutes 29th July 2015

ERA Minutes 29th July 2015

All Committee members present, plus Cllr Fay Howard, Horizons representatives and around 15 residents.

Tabletop Event Feedback

The event raised some funds (£70 net) for the ERA, and all felt it was a good first event, though more footfall would have been good. There is a full review here.

Ideas for next time included advertising in sheltered housing, and having more material such as a banner for advertising.  We have some money from the Council as a New Shoots group to help with future events.

Christine Gray joined the Committee, as she had done most of the work on the event.

Post Office

We got a piece in the paper. No more updates, though the Community Champion at Morrisons is engaging constructively in the problem.

Police Report from Rachel Barnett

Since 28th June 15 there have been-

  • 2 theft from vehicles – one was unlocked in Colingsmead
  • I criminal damage to a vehicle in Thorne rd
  • 1 criminal damage to a window in Stubsmead
  • I cannabis factory in Colingsmead (this was due to community led intelligence, which we rely on heavily)
  • 1 attempt garage break in Bowleymead
  • 1 theft of bike from Morrisons.
  • There hasn’t been much anti social behaviour – which is probably down to the rubbish weather.
  • PCSO Dean Tilling is moving to the Parks and Walcot to be a pcso there and I will be joined by Jess Dyer to work Eldene, Liden and Dorcan with me.
  • Next Tuesday at 1030 we will be holding a “meet the community” morning at Morrisons (1030-1230) (this will be part of a community engagement, with the councillors there in the afternoon).
  • The three arrested for the stabbing in Eldene are still locked up on remand awaiting trial.

Centre Feedback

We were looking for ideas for how to landscape Eldene centre once the building comes down.

The group split up into discussion groups for 10 minutes then reconvened to share ideas. These included:

  • Not just paved.
  • Some greenery, possibly trees.
  • Nice seating.  Think about seating for people walking from the Health Centre up to Thorne Rd area, as they often need to pause regularly.
  • Will then be able to see the community centre.
  • Access road needed for deliveries and disabled access.
  • Possibility of a hut, could double as a cafe, community information point. Link to the bus stop.
  • Lots of bins.
  • Avoiding blind spots.
  • Colour is good.
  • Shade is good, while waiting for children to come out of school.
  • Something small for pre-schoolers to do while waiting.
  • Community mural.
  • Planning for “shift” use, appropriate for use in different ways at different points.
  • Community shops also of interest, Kathleen brought some information.
  • Other projects, if money available: Footpath around Eldene Drive, possible redevelopment of diamond park.

Next Social Gathering

Teddy Bear’s Picnic – September 12th, 3pm at Shaftesbury.

Agenda for Next Time

  • What to spend New Shoots grant on.
  • Teddy Bear’s Picnic
  • Litter-pick dates for the Autumn.

Next Meeting

26th August


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