Eldene Centre Consultation

On Thursday 16th July there was a meeting at Eldene primary between local stakeholders and representatives of the Council to discuss what should happen when Eldene centre gets knocked down.  These are my notes from the meeting.

Those present included:

  • Council officers in charge of planning, East locality, and the architect designing the development
  • Representatives of the school (Headteacher, Governor)
  • Representatives of the community (ERA Sec and Treas, Horizons)
  • Councillor Fay Howard

It was generally agreed that ideally the Community Centre would also be involved in future meetings.

The timescale is approximately as follows:

  • August/September 2015 – Centre is taken down, ground is left as compacted stone
  • October 2015 – Drawings of possible landscaping shared with group
  • End November 2015 – Full public consultation
  • End December 2015 – Consultation ends
  • Late Spring 2016 – Building work done to landscape centre

There have been assurances that the area will be left in a safe way during Autumn/Winter 2015.  It will not be fenced off as that attracts vandalism.

The area that will be landscaped includes the pink area in the diagram below.


There is approximately £150k – £200k available, though this could be affected by things like asbestos in the site, and a final figure will not be known until the Centre is down.

So the question is “what would you like to see go there?”.  Things to take into account include:

  • it is at the entrance to the primary school
  • the car park is the main parking for the community centre
  • the Crumpled Horn is not part of the development, and is staying as is as far as anyone knows
  • there is sheltered accommodation just to the north of the picture
  • anything that is put there needs to be low maintenance

The designer has previously worked on Cavendish Green, and I will try to get some photos of that for comparison and ideas purposes.  There is an ERA meeting on 29th July, which will be focusing on ideas-gathering to feed into this process, and then a couple of weeks after that we will bring all the ideas together and feed them back to the designer.  This is your chance to have your say, so comment here, on Facebook, or by coming to the meeting next week.

Then watch this space for more developments!


One thought on “Eldene Centre Consultation

  1. william

    lets hope we dont fill the space with more flats for drug addicts/alcoholics. shame the god forsaken “pub” isnt being demolished. “. my suggestion is for more sheltered housing.however with the council in charge its sure to be a balls up!


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