ERA Meeting Minutes June 2015

Eldene Minutes 29th June 2015

Attendance: 17, including ERA Committee, 3 Councillors, Horizons representatives and residents

Tabletop event

  • Christine updated about the tabletop event. Already have a few bookings, Eldene PFA going to do refreshments, various different tables already booked.

  • Lots of ideas for people to be involved. Nurses, police etc. Fire station etc.  Could the Taekwondo people do a demonstration?

  • Helpers on the day would be very helpful!

  • Derique will contact people re publicity.

  • Jo will check about tables earlier from community centre.

Eldene Disturbance

  • Councillors met with local police. DM gave an update on the disturbance, that it was a disagreement over a bike theft. Lots of people from different areas, just unfortunate that it happened. ERA to contact various people (MP, Police commissioner, Head of Council) saying that we were disappointed not to get contacted with some sort of statement.

  • Point was made that it generated a lot of interest because it was unusual. Some residents felt that it was too difficult to get hold of the police.

  • If there is a pattern then do let the police know. Amanda said she had done that and not got a good response.

  • Investigate Streetwatch, which is a visible Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

  • Ask police to come to the next meeting.

#20 Bus

  • Petition going to the Council at the end of July (23rd July, 6pm). Fay will send out the petition for people to get it signed.

  • We will have a petition-signing event at Morrisons on Sat 11th July at 11am.

  • Thamesdown Transport is a municipal bus company, not designed to make profit.

  • People are parking in Liden and walking to the hospital.

  • Write to MP about this. MPs were in the Adver today discussing Green matters.

Eldene Centre

  • Councillors had a meeting just before this meeting. Empty and no squatters. Everything is being shut down, and the utilities are being removed. October is the plan.

  • Morrisons “Art fund” has £57,000.

  • “Community Safety” of £18,000. Two pots. Reminder of previous discussion: Community Safety money could possibly be used for the pavement around Eldene Drive.

  • £150,000 taking the structure down.  Leftover money to be spent on landscaping.

  • Steering group of an ERA person, a Horizons person and Community Centre person.  Jim, Kathleen and Gill volunteered to be involved. Fay will contact Chris at the Community Centre to also be on the steering group.

  • Sal Bridges doing it, who did the work on Cavendish square. Wider Eldene consultation once the asbestos.

Post Office

  • The situation has got worse – Post Office Local instead of Fortress.

  • PO Local doesn’t do money into bank accounts, that is the big difference.

  • 86,000 footfall a month into Morrisons, so around 1,000,000 a year!

  • Other options are a Subway, Prospect Hospice charity and Hairdressers.

  • Need at least a postbox at Morrisons.

  • Very unlikely to get a PO, so either shut up and put up with it, or keep fighting for it.

  • Community shop in the unit? Sell local produce? Slight comfier cafe?

  • Plan: contact Prospect. Are there other charity shops that run Post Offices?

  • Fay will ask the Council to approach the interested parties.

  • Kathleen to investigate community shops.

  • “Fortress” ship has sailed.

  • Photo opportunity at 4.45pm Tuesday 7th July – good if lots of people could be there to show support for a post office!

  • MD to advertise and contact

Next Meeting

  • Brainstorm of ideas for the Eldene regeneration

  • Police presence

  • Feedback from the tabletop sale

  • Last Wednesday of the month for the next three months, and Litter-picking taking a break over the summer.  July 29th, August 26th and September 23rd for ERA meetings.


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