ERA Meeting May 2015

ERA May 25th 2015

A bit of scenery change this week, as the school was locked up so we adjourned to Jim and Corrine’s house.  Everyone introduced themselves – 10 in attendance, including Chair Jo Milsom (JM) and Councillors Fay Howard (FH) and Chris Watts (CW).

  • JM refreshed the items from last time, which had been passed on to PC Rachel Barnett.  Updates were then as follows:

#20 Bus

  • People had got in touch with them about the #20 bus. Thamesdown had replied, but it will be discussed at council meeting around 17th June. Unprofitable bus routes are being axed, basically. Thamesdown would need extra money from the council to make it profitable – might be worth writing to them. Action to write to Dale Heenan, possibly joining with Covingham Parish Council or similar in other wards?

  • #20 is the Honda bus service as well, for Eldene residents.

  • Morrisons 106 money was mentioned again, and we need a definitive description of where this money is and what it was for.

  • It was suggested that Greenbridge shopping centre could subsidise the bus.

  • Someone to go to Cabinet meeting – hopefully it will be on the agenda? Check the agenda and meeting time.

Community Speedwatch

  • Some would like a 20mph speed limit.

  • 30mph warning panels are basically ignored.

  • Ask PC Rachel about whether the data is recorded from the speed limit flashing sign.

  • How could we get 20mph in side roads, everything off Eldene Drive? Was there a review of 20mph in Parks? CW says you can’t be done for speeding in a 20mph zone.

  • Someone from Highways to come to a previous meeting?

  • FH said 85% went lower than 35-37 mph, and no accidents in the last 3 years.

  • Double yellows have been put in by the Eldene surgery, but the gaps are causing trouble. School pickup time.


  • Community service: Shaftesbury Lake, by the playground.

  • Crossroads of the Meads.

Social Event

  • Possible ideas:

    • Family fun afternoon

    • Tabletop sale (like a carboot sale)

    • Cakes/refreshments/cake competition

    • Bring and share picnic

    • Music

    • Story rhymetime

    • Fancy dress competition

    • Face painting

    • Sponsored bouncy castle?

    • Local businesses to send someone along

    • Doctors surgery to send a nurse for a health check

    • Information boards

    • Local groups: linedancing at Eldene, cubs etc, Kickboxing display, football club, Slimming World stall, police involvement, DTC Duke of Edinburgh/Glee club.

Waitrose did something for Wichelstowe, definitely approach Morrisons

Tabletop Sale:

  • Where? Ideally in the school car park, with the Acorn Centre for toilets.

  • When? 19th July.

  • Cost? £5 per table. Can also allow people to advertise their things at a table.

  • Need insurance sorted asap. CW will find this out tomorrow, and JR will ask school at the beginning of next week.
  • Another option is a picnic thing (no insurance needed for this).
  • Kathleen’s group also can advertise.
  • Can sell penny sweets, or someone like Ray’s Ice-Cream.
  • Christine, Mike, Jim to take it forward once the insurance and venue are sorted.

Bad News re Post Office

  • Post Office is being delayed as the PO thinks there is not the demand for a full service.

  • They want to put a PO Local in, which would not deal with money (we think).

  • Community campaign to put pressure on the PO, to show how important it is.

  • Could anyone else do it?  CW is talking to the area manager for the Post Office.

  • CW is going to find out what the Local PO actually involves, then we can move ahead with a petition (ideally quickly).

  • Is there a PO in the Morrisons at Haydon Wick?


  • New manager, need to meet properly with him.


  • Trolley locks back on
  • Chip shop opening on Wednesday 3rd June.


  • Road by St Paul’s is being done. Is there money for Eldene roads?
  • Look into
  • New noticeboard at Shaftesbury where you can put signs up – look into this.

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