ERA Minutes April 2015

14 in attendance, including JM, Chair, GC, Conservative council candidate, CW, Labour council candidate and FH, Labour councillor.

JM introduced the topic of crime and traffic, along with some updates from previous actions.

Morrisons update – there is a new manager since about a week ago.  GC said that trolley coins are going back on, but we don’t have a date yet and hasn’t happened yet. Area manager is on holiday at the moment.

Hustings went very well, full notes here.

Jo read out highlights from Rachel Barnett’s report, in particular that she would like people to get in touch with her, and would encourage people to sign up for notifications via Community Messaging.

GC worried about RB being called away to do night duty in Parks. Is there a police presence to cover the area when she is not on duty? How is it covered?  Re: traffic, it has been frequently mentioned about a lack of parking each time. What can be done about that?  Handy Mag mentioned grids that Covingham are getting in some grass areas to park on.

We split into small groups to give everyone a chance to speak.  Reporting back from groups was generally positive about the level of crime in the area, and issues of concern/interest included:

  • 20mph limit on Eldene Drive

  • Litter bins (Snodshill play area, bus stops, walkway along by DTC)

  • Parking on verges (Islandsmead, Conway Rd etc)

  • Mopeds on pedestrian areas

  • Bags of dog mess hanging in the trees

  • Scary dogs

  • Damaged bus shelters (Thorne Rd, Snodshill)


No. 20 bus is being cancelled, which goes through Eldene to the hospital. Use to be every 20 minutes, then every 45 minutes, now being stopped on 31st May. Robert has contacted the bus company.

GC suggested that the Council should get in touch with Thamesdown, so people should get in touch with the council as the #20 is a cross-ward issue.

Mostly affecting bus pass users. Suggestion was to get the #13, off at Coate Water, cross the road then #12, which would mean taking an hour and a half to get to the hospital.

GC mentioned possible squatters in the flats.

Topics for next time:

  • Various updates (Eldene, traffic, possibly Community Speedwatch)

  • Organisation of a social occasion


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