Question Time April 2015

WP_20150410_004Eldene Residents Association and Horizons jointly hosted a Question Time hustings event for the South Swindon parliamentary candidates on Friday April 10th at 7:30.  It was a very popular event with 25 in the audience for the candidates from the Conservative, Labour and Green parties.

Jo Milsom chaired the meeting, putting questions to the candidates that had been submitted beforehand by the audience.  It was dominated by questions on the NHS, reflecting the questions that had been submitted, and also the interest in boosting good mental health that Horizons are working towards.

WP_20150410_006The evening was more informal than some, with no desks to hide behind, and there was a good discussion between the audience and the candidates, with some local councillors chipping in information too!

Thanks very much to all who came, as there were lots of good ideas that came out of it, as well as finding out more about the candidates, and hopefully the Eldene Residents Association will be able to take some of the ideas forward.

The next ERA meeting is on Monday 27th April at 7:30 in the Acorn building.  See you there!



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