ERA Meeting March 2015

Minutes of the March meeting of Eldene Residents Association, held at the Acorn Centre on Monday 23rd March 2015, 7:30pm.



  • Robert Loss
  • Annmarie Marshall
  • Edward Houghton (EdH)
  • Dave Salmon
  • Jo Milsom (ERA Chair)
  • Mike Davies (ERA Secretary)
  • Joanne Phillips (+ Alfie!)
  • Eileen Haller (EH)
  • Jim Rowe (ERA Treasurer)


  • Fay Howard (Current, Labour)
  • Graham Cherry (Standing, Conservative)


  • Kathleen Aitken
  • Ann Easter
  • Margaret Corkeran


Jim Rowe offered to be Treasurer and was unanimously elected.  This will allow ERA to get a bank account and then applying for funding.

Eldene Centre

  • There is a prospective person to run the new Post Office at Morrisons, it just takes time to get set up.
  • Swindon Council want to consult with Residents at the end of April.  KA has experience of consultations and thinks the consultation is just a paper exercise and has written to Rob Richards (Head of Property) saying so.
  • The Crumpled Horn is not a protected building.  The latest is that the new landlord is a temporary measure until the pub can be sold as a going concern.  The ERA Officers are going to make contact with the new landlord.
  • The bookmakers may be shutting on 2nd April.
  • The CCTV needs to be kept when the Centre is demolished.


The Acorn Centre is hosting a hustings on 10th April at 7:30pm.  There is a Facebook event and it will be advertised locally and in the Swindon Advertiser.  UKIP cannot currently make it, and the Lib Dems have not confirmed. Conservative, Labour and Greens have confirmed.

Litter Picks

  • It was suggested that community service people could help with picking up rubbish.
  • There is a new bin being put in near the Richard Jeffries park.
  • Dorcan Academy pupils do seem to be generating quite a lot of the rubbish, but the Academy do also do their own litter-picking.  ERA will get in touch with the Academy to possibly co-ordinate efforts.
  • FH was thanked for helping with organising the litter-pick equipment and for co-ordinating the council to deal with larger amounts.


  • MD had written to Morrisons to build a dialogue with the manager – will keep the group posted on this, as there were lots of good ideas for how the residents could work with the supermarket.
  • EdH had written to Morrisons head office about abandoned trolleys, and had a letter back saying that only some supermarkets had to stop using the £1. The new CEO of Morrisons wants ideas, so MD will collect evidence of trolley abandonment and get in touch with him.  GC pointed out that supermarkets can be prosecuted.


  • DS was keen to talk about the Council election boundaries as he felt that Eldene was too safe a Labour seat.  FH pointed out that although Liden is the smallest area by population, most of her contact comes from there.  She would like to hear more from all residents!

Future Meetings

There needs to be a list of topics that the ERA discusses, and there will be an agenda for each meeting otherwise the discussion will be too wide-ranging and not in-depth enough.  The next meeting for example will focus on traffic and road safety, and we will invite the Police to come along.

Agenda items could include:

  • 106 money (money that should come into the area when a big new development takes place)
  • Social occasions (bringing people together)
  • Traffic

Future Meeting Dates

Last Monday of every Month – April 27th, May 25th, June 29th, July 27th, all 7:30 at Acorn.

Litter Picking dates – April 18th, May 16th and June 20th, 10am at Eldene Centre.


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