Community Meeting 1st Oct 14

Acorn Centre, 7:30pm, 1st Oct 14

Around 12 residents attended, plus Councillor Fay Howard and facilitators (3 from Horizon).

1. Recap of July meeting

  • Chris Smith has moved on from Community work at the council to working with community centres, and would be happy to work with Eldene Community Centre and residents to meet the needs of both.
  • Nas Ali (at the Council) has asked for volunteers to be on the working group for redesigning Eldene Centre once the shops and flats are demolished.
  • There has been no contact from the Community Centre, though one of the attendees (Jo) is now on the Committee at the Centre so will work with them on various projects.
  • It has proved difficult to work with Morrisons, the Community Manager there is mainly to look after the noticeboard, and the Store Manager seems too busy.
  • As there are going to be 3 Morrisons in Swindon, with the big one opening in the town centre, it is probably worth going to the Head Office.
  • The third unit at Morrisons is likely to be a newsagent doing paper deliveries, though people were surprised that it could be a profitable business given that Morrisons sell newspapers, sweets etc.
  • The owners of Fitness First site wanted £4m to buy it, which no-one thought it was worth (e.g. Morrisons for a petrol station), so it is sitting dormant.  Unless it gets rundown, very little can be done about this, but one of the first jobs of the ERA (below) could be to write to them as representing residents.

2. Setting up an Eldene Residents Association

  • Everyone thought this was a good idea so that collective rather than individual requests could be made to the Council or applying for other sources of funding.
  • Various suggestions were made about names (Eldene Voice, ERA as above), and we thought that the first committee should make that decision.
  • The Association would need a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, constitution etc, and there are various models for this that can be used.
  • The first meeting will be Tuesday 4th November at 7:30, again hopefully at the Acorn Centre.  Nominations for Officer positions will be sought before then via Facebook and email.

3. Social/Other Events

  • We will organise an event in January, hopefully at the Community Centre, for local organisations to have a stall about what they do (Cubs, Football Teams, Slimming World etc).  If there is tea and cake, people will come!
  • Litter picking will take place before then – the Council will provide equipment and collect the rubbish.  Dates are Saturdays 11/10 and 15/11 at 10am, and will be advertised at the school, and in HandyMag (for November).

4. AOB

  • The Acorn Centre are happy for Horizon to rent it in order to be used by the Community on Wednesdays between 9 and 3, starting in November, and further details will be announced on this as they become available (e.g. lunch club).
  • There is no hearing loop in the Community Centre, and this would be very helpful.
  • The steps to Community Centre should be part of the landscaping project.
  • Minutes should be available via paper copy, not just electronic.  This needs a volunteer to distribute them. An ERA notice board would be good, if a site could be found.

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