Community Mtg Improvements Group

One of the groups at the Community Meeting had the agenda of talking about improvements needed in Eldene.  These were the notes taken:


Cars parked on Eldene Drive cause obstruction of vision for cars turning out of Ecklington

20 mph zone?

Parking on grass verges ?

Double yellow lines outside surgery

Major parking issues – Islandsmead and Shaftsbury Lake


Grass cutting is terrible

Richard Jeffries pathway (from Coate Water) could be left unmown to encourage wild life

Trim back grass verges that encroach on paths

Trees in green belt near elmore are dangerously tall

Preserve the trees

Pot hole on Eldene Drive – 10 yr – thorn road

Rats issue – Shaftsbury Lake


Shaftesbury Park needs repairs and cleaning


Litter bins – none in childrens parks

Dogwaste bins overflowing

Thorney Park needs upgrading with more for young kids

Where are the uniformed police ?

Lack of post boxes

No facilities for young people – Dorcan school? New College?


Is this area going to be left derelict? Use of shops until demolition – pop up shops/charity

Appearance of Crump. No ramp, must break disabled access regs.


No access on the side of road where houses are. It would be so much easier to access for older/disabled people if there was an entrance on that side

Why don’t Morrisons deliver groceries? Paper deliveries will end and paper boys lose their jobs if newsagent closes or moves into Morrisons.


Garden team (Cathy Scott – Localities Group) create garden in front of community centre?

Set up voluntary car service to help elderly residents access shops, post office (wherever that might be!) etc.


Where is the money – money for Morrisons

Investment please

Happy to pay extra rates/tax for a better environment (not everyone)


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