Community Mtg Eldene Centre Group

Minutes taken from the discussion about Eldene Centre:

Eldene Centre, including the shops, the Community Centre and the Crumpled Horn pub were discussed. There was a consensus that a new Community Centre was needed as the present one is too small and is booked during the day for the pre-school and a Club so it isn’t available for anything else. The Council proposes to demolish the row of shops and then landscape the area.

There was also agreement that Eldene Centre is shabby, run down and needs upgrading.

Community Centre

Ideas for the Community Centre building were:

  • Use the Gym building”

  • Use the Co-op building”

  • Demolish the present Community Centre and build a new one on the site”

Ideas for use of the Community Centre were:

  • Coffee mornings

  • Internet café

  • Keep fit

  • Small gym

  • Advice point

  • Teenage activities

  • WRVS lunch club

  • Library run by volunteers

  • Meetings

  • Needlecraft group

  • Cookery Club

  • Martial Arts


The Crumpled Horn Pub

There were concerns about the run down state of the pub. The comments were:

  • Lose the pub”

  • Demolish pub and make into nice garden”

  • Can the status of a listed building be overturned?”

  • What can we do about the pub?”



Ideas/comments re the demolition and landscaping area were:

  • Play area”

  • Level area to allow access for the elderly without danger of tripping

  • Demolition needs to happen as soon as shops and flats are vacated to avoid vandalism or squatting”

  • Demolition shouldn’t leave a mess. Landscape it quickly so that it provides a front garden for the Community Centre”

  • Local people could come together to create a garden ourselves. This could be done with the money for landscaping and would be cheaper with volunteers”

  • Community garden and allotments could be created”

  • Instead of open space we need a new Community Centre and Community Garden”.

Other Issues

In addition there were a number of other issues. The most significant of these is the uncertainty about the future of the Post Office. There was agreement that this would be a huge loss if it closed and wasn’t replaced, especially for older people. Another concern, related to the gym building, was that people did not want it turned into a Petrol Station. Below are the comments:

  • We need a Post Office” (repeated again and again)

  • We do not want a Petrol Station where the gym building is. We don’t need it and it would be too noisy for the nearby houses. Also the access isn’t suitable”

  • I would like the whole of Eldene Centre to be cleaned up before 2015. It’s depressing”

  • Pathways leading to Morrisons need upgrading”

  • We need an entrance to Morrisons on our side”

  • Find out who owns the land behind Morrisons”

Funding for Updating Eldene Centre

There were discussions about how the 106 money* (£57,000 allocated to the Council for the Eldene Centre) could be used. The Councillors said that there were already ideas about how this money should be spent. However, these were not based on consultation with residents. There were strong feelings that the feedback from this meeting should be used as a starting point to inform the Council about what was wanted.

*106 money is funding given to Councils by developers.


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