Community Mtg Community Centre Group

At the Community Mtg one of the groups had the Community Centre on the agenda.  There was crossover with other groups, but these were the notes taken from this particular group:

The group was facilitated by Chris Smith and Councillor Derique Montaut led the discussion.

There was less discussion about the Community Centre itself and more discussion about how interested people were in creating a group and holding Councillors to account for the things that happen in Eldene.

Suggestions regarding the Community Centre were as follows:

  • Needs an upgrade

  • Bigger Centre needed for the Community

  • Level both the shops and Centre and invest in a social enterprise to build and run a new facility with any monies being re-invested in the community

  • Community café to run in the Centre

  • Need varied activities

  • Need to know what goes on in the centre

  • Need to find a room to use in the centre

Key points discussed were as follows:

  • 106 monies available for public art, what this means and how the public may influence how it’s spent

    • Could ask kids from the school to design a piece of art for the community, this would be a lot cheaper

  • Want gardens to look nice

  • Post office is a key requirement for the area

  • Need a more local shop as Morrisons is to far to walk to for some elderly residents

  • Pub is unattractive, needs a facelift


2 thoughts on “Community Mtg Community Centre Group

  1. Catherine and Alex Scott

    My wife Catherine Scott has made an effort to tidy up the the green patch in front of the community centre today 29th July. She could do with some help in the future..


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