Community Mtg Activities Group

One of the designated areas for discussion was Events and Activities. This was to discuss the possibility of an “Eldene Fun Day”, “Eldene Fete” or similar, and we also talked about the different activities that should happen more often.

Eldene Fun Day

These have happened before, but a long time ago. Eldene Centre has had them more recently, and the Primary holds them. The Crumpled Horn also has outside space and could possibly host. There could be a series of them, possibly, at different venues.  There was a historical perspective in that Eldene used to have an Eldene Festival, and Eldene Week.  There was even a majorette troop called the Eldenos!  Activities like this could be used as a launch once the Centre has been landscaped in 2015.  Gorse Hill have a week long community festival.

Eldene Community Centre

Community centres (CC) around the town have lots of activities – yoga, gardening clubs, jumble sales, craft activities, line dancing, lunch clubs, beavers etc.  The current setup of the CC is not amenable to this – too difficult to find out costs for hiring, not sure what is available etc.  Some people were of the opinion that the CC should be levelled with the flats and a purpose built centre put in its place.  The hall is too small and there is generally not enough space.  The buzzing in system is also very unwelcoming.  Any redesign should consider how sports can be incorporated.  The garden area of the club was mentioned as being a good area, and no-one knew how the CC was run – management committee etc.

Coleview and Grange centres (as well as Liden) were seen as models of good design for well-functioning community centres.

Co-Op Use

Volunteers from the Church had used the Eldene Club to offer free tea and coffee but the take up was previously very weak.  They would be willing to do this again if the Co-op could be opened up.  This could also be used for the next 6 months or so as a Community resource, with leaflets, information etc, to provide a model for the future.  In terms of finding volunteers, Scouts, Cubs and those doing D of E are often looking for volunteer opportunities.

Youth Activities

A functioning Youth Centre was generally seen as a good thing if this could be brought about, but lots of volunteers would be needed, and there would be a need for DBS (the new CRB).  The re-landscaped Centre should bear teenagers in mind, and Dorcan school involved in the consultation.


  • It would be good to have a notice board at the Centre for publicity purposes, and the CC should have information available on the internet.
  • If there were a Residents Association there would be sources of funds available (e.g. could raise money as a charity.

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