Community Meeting 9th July 2014

On 9th July 2014 forty interested people met at the Acorn Centre at the Primary for the first Eldene Community Meeting.  These included some volunteers from the Horizon group, Councillors Derique Montaut and Neil Heavens, and Chris Smith from the Council’s Communities team, with the rest being Eldene residents.

Morrison’s, Eldene Community Centre and the Crumpled Horn were all invited but did not attend.

After a brief introduction, including a recap from the Eldene Centre update meeting, we split into 4 groups to discuss 4 different topics, spending 15 minutes on each one before moving on.  An organiser took minutes of each discussion, and you can see these by clicking on the links below (that appear in red). There was a certain amount of overlap, but the focus was slightly different in each one.

At the end of the meeting attendees filled in a contact and details form, including email addresses.  If you would like your email address added to this list to get future details, simply post below, and maybe say how you would like to be involved.  The next stage may be to set up a Residents Association, but we’ll wait for all the minutes to appear and then see the main themes that emerge.


One thought on “Community Meeting 9th July 2014

  1. christine and Colin Parsons

    I attended the community meeting held at Eldene school on 9th July and feel very strongly that the existing community centre is sub-standard for current users. It is becoming run down and unwelcoming, much too small and almost all the premises, except the bar, are reserved for children’s facilities. There are now no available meeting rooms and very little facilities for social gatherings. Perhaps a greater concern is that there is no fire alarm, no loop system and no modern projection equipment. The kitchen is also inadequate and difficult to keep clean. The heating is also unreliable and noisy.

    The front of the building is drab and looking delapidated; the steps give a very grim appearance to the building. Opening up the front of the building with a new foyer, entrance steps that are visually attractive, e.g. use of coloured stone slabs set out in a quadrant, or possibly turning the steps round would be better. Turning the steps round would allow wider shallower steps; better for elderly people. The slope could still be retained, preferably faced with the same slabs. Part of the garden area could be used for this purpose. This would give a much more pleasing effect.

    Whatever else is done, this could be done at relatively small costs and would condiderably improve the appearance of the building.

    We regularly attend a church service meeting in the main hall each Sunday, as we have been doing so for over 40 years.. We have recently started a small Sunday school, but the only place we have to meet with them is in the corridor, which is not very satisfactory.

    Members of our congregation would like to see a new attractive larger building on the grounds where the shops are. A new buildiing consisting of a main hall, a modern kitchen and meeting rooms of different sizes, one of which could be turned into a church when needed, similar to the one at St Andrews in Park North, would be of great benefit to the community.

    The money reserved towards an art feature to be used on the new building as an attractive entrance and a picture involving the school children on the wall in the foyer. We would like to see an attractive welcome area set out for teas and eating, with chairs and tables, near the entrance with bright pictures around the walls. with a good large equiped kitchen and small kitchens in the each meeting rooms.

    If a new building must just remain on the ‘wish’ list, at least the current building should be brought up to a modern standard; safe and adequate for current needs.


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