Eldene Centre Update

1st July 2014 at the Eldene Community Centre

This was an update given by John Coates from the council property department.  Present were Naz Ali who is the Localities Officer at the Council, plus Eldene councillors Fay Howard, Derique Montaut and Neil Heavens and representatives of the Community Centre.

The information and discussions were as follows:

  • There will  be 3 new commercial units on the Morrisons site. These were to be handed over recently, but were not built up to standard so improvements have been made, and they should be ready soon.
  • The takeaway and the bookmakers from the current centre will move to these new units, but Martin’s newsagent are not keen to move. Martin’s have been served a notice on their lease which will run out in December.
  • Martin’s hold the current Post Office licence, so while there is another party interested in opening a Post Office in the 3rd commercial unit, this is difficult to progress until the current licence is resolve.
  • The flats have all been vacated.
  • Once the Centre is empty the building will be demolished.  The current timescale for this is Spring 2015.  The site will then be landscaped, and consultation on what this will look like will take place in October 2014.  The landscaper is the same company that did Cavendish Green in Parks, so have a look there for an idea.
  • The Community Centre are very keen on improved access, for example for delivery lorries and fire engines if necessary.

That was the main information about Eldene Centre, but there was discussion about other matters:

  • The Council has no control over the gym site, it can be left dormant as long as there is no safety hazard. There was no information provided about who owns the site.
  • The Community Centre was unhappy that the bushes out front were removed without replacement, and weeds are now growing.  There were also other issues about the windows etc, which Fay will chase up for them.

One thought on “Eldene Centre Update

  1. Tina

    What about that horrible looking pub in eldene, are we getting a nice new one? somewhere the residents can actually feel welcome at?


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